Don’t Panic! A Colorectal Specialist Clears Everything About Colorectal Cancer

While colorectal cancer is the most prevalent cancer in Singapore, survival rates are also increasing due to advance treatment and early detection.

Over 5000 men and 4000 women were diagnosed with colorectal cancer from 2011 to 2015. The problem is that the majority of the victims had no signs and symptoms in the early stage. While most of the people do screening at 50, the MOH data shows that the risks of colorectal cancer are also growing up in the younger generation.

Besides family history, lifestyle and diet are a contributing factor to this malady. As per the WHO, taking processed meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

While it may start with a polyp, not all polyps turn cancerous. They can be detected, at an early stage, by colonoscopy screening and removed. Although surgery is the principal treatment, it may also include other therapies depending on the spread of the disease.

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Even common symptoms can signify colon cancer!

While the survival rate of colon cancer for both men and women has increased from 45 to 50% for all ethnic groups in Singapore from 2005 to 2014, it still is the most common type of cancer. Tailored treatment procedures and general awareness for early screening made this possible.

Although cancer is the emperor of all maladies, most of the colon cancer patients show no signs and symptoms at the primitive stage. The crux of the problem is that simple things like constipation, diarrhea, or change in bowel movement could also be the real cause of colon cancer.

While some of the colon cancer is hereditary, most of the cases start with a polyp. However, it may take many years for the cells to mutate. Treatment of this depends on the stage. In some cases, chemo and radiotherapy are given to prepare the patient for surgery.

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A colorectal specialist tells about Colorectal and rectal cancer

Understanding Colorectal and rectal cancer are essential as they almost equally affect the Singaporean male and female population. As this hardly shows any signs and symptoms at an early stage its treatment poses many challenges. Only early screening can help to save lives.

The disease usually starts with lumpy growth or polyps. Although a small fraction of the same turns malignant, it happens at such a slow pace spanning many years that people mostly remain unaware of this.

As a result, different examinations like chest X-ray and CT scan are needed for assessing the spread of the disease. In case the lymph nodes are affected, it means stage3 cancer. While people with a family history are more prone to have the disease, change in lifestyle helps to prevent the condition. One should not overeat, reduce red meat intake, do exercises and should not smoke to stay safe.

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